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The 5 Easiest Musical Instruments for Kids to Learn to Play

Sonyx Music | February 23, 2023
kids musical instruments

Kids today are more inclined to pick up a musical instrument and learn to play music. But when it comes to kids, it’s important that the instrument is easy for them to learn. This article will discuss some of the best musical instruments for kids that they can learn quickly and easily. It will cover topics such as the types of instruments available, their benefits, and tips on how kids can get started with learning them.

How to tell if your child has an interest in playing an instrument

Does your kid love to hum or sing along with songs you play on radio, TV, or the internet? This sing-along response could be an indicator that your child might be musically-inclined!

To see if your child has an interest in playing a musical instrument, you can watch to see if they like to listen to music or show any kind of enthusiasm when it comes to playing music. You can also try introducing them to different kinds of instruments, and talk about the benefits of learning how to play one. If they seem interested, encourage them by helping them find lessons and resources that will help them learn.

What if my kid likes to play a musical instrument, but is not good at it?

If your kid wants to learn how to play an instrument, but is not good at it, you can help them find lessons and resources that will help them learn. Encourage your child by letting them listen to different kinds of music and introducing different instruments. Talk about the benefits of learning how to play one and see if they seem interested.

5 Music Instruments for Kids to Start With

Okay, so now that you’ve gotten through the initial pile of prerequisites above, which musical instruments should your kid learn? Well, that depends on your child’s preference and desire.

Below is a list of our top picks for beginners’ instruments that make it easier to learn music theory. These instruments are great for children to learn, and eventually, kids can graduate to more advanced instruments:


kids piano

The piano is a great instrument for kids to learn as it allows them to explore different sounds, rhythms and melodies. It also teaches kids the basics of music theory which they can use in other instruments later on.

Pros of learning to play piano

  • Kids learn musicality and melody in an accessible way
  • The layout of the piano keys is easy to understand
  • Piano teaches kids how to read traditional music notation quickly

Cons of learning to play piano

  • It takes a lot of practice to be able to play well due to varying complexity of pieces, notations, etc.
  • Pianos can be expensive compared to other musical instruments


kids guitar

The guitar is another great instrument kids can learn. It’s relatively easy to pick up with the right guidance, and kids can learn to play many popular songs with the right instruction and practice.

Pros of learning to play guitar

  • Guitar allows kids to express themselves musically in a fun way
  • It’s relatively easy to pick up and kids can learn popular songs quickly
  • Guitar is an affordable instrument

Cons of learning to play guitar

  • Guitar requires kids to develop finger and hand strength, which can be challenging
  • It can often be a much louder and disturbing instrument than a piano because of its wide decibel range
  • Unlike a piano, a guitar player is fairly limited to playing a guitar or a string instrument whereas a piaano player can transfer their skills to keyboard playing.


kids drum set

The drums are great for children because kids love making loud and fun noises. Drums also require kids to use both their hands and feet which helps kids learn coordination.

Pros of learning to play drums

  • Drums are fun and kids love making loud noises
  • Drums teach children about the foundation of most music genres – the drumline and percussion.
  • Drums require kids to use both hands and feet, helping them develop coordination

Cons of learning to play drums

  • If you like peace and quiet, you won’t get it when drums are being played in the house.
  • It takes kids a little longer to learn the basics compared to other instruments


kids recorder flute instrument

The recorder is one of the easiest wind instruments kids can learn. It’s inexpensive and kids can learn to play many of the popular kids’ songs.

Pros of learning to play recorder

  • The recorder is an easy instrument kids can learn relatively quickly
  • With just a few practice sessions, kids will be able to play basic melodies
  • Recorders are more affordable compared to other instruments, making them perfect for kids who want to try out an instrument without breaking the bank

Cons of learning to play recorder

  • It can be hard for kids to get a consistent sound from the recorder due to their small size and fragility
  • Higher notes can be harder to produce, so kids may need some extra practice


kids ukelele

The ukelele is a popular kids’ instrument due to its small size and portability. It’s easy for kids to hold, making it perfect for kids who are just starting out.

Pros of learning to play ukulele

It’s an affordable instrument

  • Kids can play chords and notes much easier compared to other string instruments due to its small size
  • The ukulele has a unique sound kids will love making

Cons of learning to play ukulele

  • It can be difficult for kids to stay in tune
  • The strings on a ukulele are thinner and kids may have difficulty pressing them down hard enough to produce sound.
  • It can be hard for kids to learn music theory compared to a piano or guitar

How learning to play a music instrument affects your child’scognitive development

Learning a musical instrument can have a positive effect on kids’ cognitive development. Kids who play an instrument often develop better auditory and memory skills, as well as improved spatial-temporal reasoning abilities. Playing an instrument also teaches kids about discipline, self-expression, problem solving and creative thinking. By learning to play an instrument, kids not only gain the ability to play beautiful music, but also develop key life skills which can be beneficial for their future. So an instrument is a great way for kids to start exploring the world of music and all its benefits!

Speeding up learning while keeping your child encouraged

When kids are learning a new instrument, it’s important to break down the instruction into small parts. This makes it easier for kids to understand each concept and section of music. It’s also important to keep kids motivated by setting realistic goals that can be achieved with practice.

An example exercise kids can try is to practice one measure of a song at a time, until they’re able to play the entire song from start to finish. This way kids can gradually build up their confidence as they get better and better at playing.

What to consider when choosing an instrument for your child

When choosing an instrument for kids, it’s important to consider their age and physical size. Kids’ hands must be able to grasp the instrument, so instruments such as guitar or piano may not be suitable for kids with smaller hands. It is also important to take into account kids’ interests when choosing an instrument – kids are more likely to stick with it if they’re enjoying the music they’re learning. Ultimately, kids should be encouraged to experiment with different instruments until they find an instrument that works for them.

Choosing the right kids’ musical instrument for your child can be a difficult task. It is important to consider their age, physical size and interests when deciding which instrument they should learn. Thankfully, there are many instruments kids can explore in order to find one that works best for them. By breaking down instruction into small parts and setting realistic goals for kids, it will help keep them motivated as they practice and become more skilled at playing an instrument. Learning music has numerous benefits including improved auditory skills, better memory recall and increased problem solving abilities – all of which kids can use throughout their lives! So why not encourage your children to pick up a new hobby today?

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